Dirty Hotels

Dessert 2-3 / BEHIND THE SCENES / Day 1 of 1


  • Video about how clean hotel rooms are.
  • Students learn vocabulary, watch video, answer questions and follow up with a discussion.



Setting the scene

Introduction / Pre-teach vocabulary


Watch video

Students watch video and answer questions



Discussion in groups


Upper intermediate +


30 minutes


  • Board, screen or flip chart
  • Handouts for class:
    HO1 vocabulary, comprehension Qs & discussion themes


Class Plan


DIRTY HOTELS          HO 1

Video worksheet

a) Ask the students if they occasionally stay in hotels and what they think, generally speaking, of the rooms.
(Ask the class as a whole or take a quick survey.)
b) Ask them how clean they think the rooms are.
A STEP 2 SETTING IT UP    INTRODUCE THE VIDEO                                       DIRTY HOTELS
a) Tell the students that they are going to watch a video about the cleanliness of hotel rooms.  Some investigators from the Canadian consumer programme, Marketplace, will be returning to hotels they inspected a year ago to see if there are any changes.
A STEP 3 SETTING IT UP    PRETEACH VOCABULARY                                   DIRTY HOTELS
a) Give the students the handout.
b) Go over the vocabulary in the top vocabulary box (eliciting &/or providing explanations and examples).


The video is over 20 minutes long and if you wish to play the entire video that’s fine.  In fact, it’s preferable if you want to provide a more comprehensible context.  To save some time the following questions focus on particular sections only, allowing you to skip various parts.  The ‘Replay’ times below refer to the sections which contain the answers to the questions.  If you wish to cut down on time (saving some 15 minutes), you can follow the suggested ‘Play’ sections which focus more directly on the questions and the related themes around them and repeat the ‘Replay’ part to confirm the answers.

Q1 – 3 Pause 0’00 Tell the students to read the first 3 questions and try to answer all of them after watching the first part.
Play 0’00 – 0’59 Students watch the video and listen for the information.
Pause 0’59 Students say their answers.  If it was a little difficult for them, you can repeat any of the following parts to help them.
Replay Q1: 0’03 – 0’16 Q1—Who is Carol Ann?
Replay Q2: 0’32 – 0’47 Q2—What did she see last year on CBC programme Marketplace that horrified her?
Replay Q3: 0’51 – 0’59 Q3—What does she want to find out?
Answers to Qs:

Q1:  She’s a Marketplace viewer but today she is going to be a ‘detective’.

Q2:  There was a scene where a woman cleaned the toilet.  She cleaned the toilet first, then with the same brush, the sink and faucet (tap). 

Q3:  She wants to see if the hotels are better now.  (ie, Have the hotels shaped up?)    

B STEP 2 QUESTION 4    USING THE VIDEO                                                DIRTY HOTELS
Q4 Pause 3’05 Students read Question 4 and say (or write) their predictions of the promises.
Q4—What were the 3 promises made to improve the situation.
Play 3’05 – 3’22 Students listen for the information.
Pause 3’22 Students say what the 3 promises were and how well they predicted them.
Replay 3’06 – 3’18 You can repeat this part if necessary.
Answers to Q4:     (Hotel representatives promised they were…)

1-  addressing test results     2-  re-training staff on proper cleaning procedures     3-  doing increased inspections

B STEP 3 QUESTION 5    USING THE VIDEO                                                DIRTY HOTELS
Q5 Pause 4’26 By chance the microbiologist & the programme producer entered one of the same rooms they had investigated the year before.  Listen to the video and
Q5— take note of their comments & what they discovered in that room.
Play 4’26 – 6’20 Students listen for the information.
Pause 6’20 Students try to say what those comments and discoveries were.
Replay 5’05 – 5’51 If it was a little difficult for them, you can repeat this part to help them.
Possible answers:

They recognized the smell of the room they inspected the year before.
The coffee filters looked cleaner.
The urine stain was still there.

B STEP 4 QUESTION 6    USING THE VIDEO                                                DIRTY HOTELS
Q6 Pause 9’20 The 2 researchers use a germ meter to find out how clean things are.
Q6—Fill in the chart below according to what you hear.
Play 9’20 – 11’50 Students listen for the information and fill in the chart.
Pause 11’50 Students tell you the results.
Replay 9’52 – 11’30 You can repeat this part again to hear/see the answers.
Answers to Q6:

A germ meter was used and this is the guide they referred to when deciding if that object or part of the room was clean.

# of germs Rating Colour
over 1,000 a fail red
300 – 1,000 a caution yellow
under 300 a pass green
Q6 What did they discover?
Germ count Rating  
Holiday Inn toilet seat —– pass
Holiday Inn faucet 657 (caution)
Holiday Inn telephone 5656 (fail)
Sheraton remote control 3258 (fail)
Best Western remote control over 2600 (fail)  
After they wipe the same remote control themselves 500 (caution)
2 MORE OPTIONAL QUESTIONS:  (These aren’t listed on the student handout but if you have time you could
continue with these 2 questions.  The times to find them are below.)

● (12’12 – 12’32)  The inspectors cleaned around the sink of one hotel.  Get Ss to guess & see who gets closest.
Answer:  30,604 germs
● (18’07 – 20’19) 
Which of the 6 hotel chains in Toronto came up with the worst and the best results?
(Students can listen for just the best and worst only)     Answer:  best = Super 8     worst = Best Western

B STEP 5 QUESTION 7    USING THE VIDEO                                                DIRTY HOTELS
Q7 Pause 20’36 Ask the students what they would do when first entering a hotel room to make sure that it was clean.  Then they watch the video and write down the 5 tips given by the investigating team.
Q7—What are 5 things you can do to reduce germs and bacteria in your hotel room?
Play 20’36 – 21’20 Students listen for the information.
Pause 21’20 Students say what the 3 promises were & how well they predicted them.
Replay 20’44 – 21’17 You can repeat this part if necessary.
Answers to Q7:    

     Tip 1 – use alcohol wipes  (for light switches, door handles, phone, clock radio, tap (sink), toilet seat

     Tip 2 – use towel  (put it down on counter for toiletries)                Tip 3 – bring your own cup
     Tip 4 – use baggie for remote control                                              Tip 5 – bring slippers just for hotels

DST 2-3     A video about how clean hotel rooms are


                              DIRTY HOTELS                    HO 1

C STEP 1           DISCUSSION    STUDENTS DISCUSS                                  DIRTY HOTELS
a) Place the students into new groups of 3 or 4 and have them discuss the two questions.  Encourage them to give reasons for their points of view, to respond to the other people’s comments, and to explore the themes.
a) ∙Monitor the various groups, taking note of grammatical, lexical and pronunciation difficulties.  Write them on the board and go over them with the students after the discussion.

∙After a set time limit of 10 minutes (for example) or after the speaking has reached its peak, elicit different comments and perspectives from the class.

∙Monitor the groups and if you find that there are a number who have a certain viewpoint and a number who have a different one, organize them into two teams for a debate.

Handouts for DST 2-3 Dirty Hotels

 HandOut 1
Dirty Hotels

Part A

Part C

Part D

HandOut 1
Dirty Hotels
Answer key

Part A

Part C

Dirty Hotels
DST 2-3