Teaching Ideas

A series of guidelines, considerations, advice & ideas on how to approach teaching a language.

1. Teacher / Student

A way to approach pair-work that enhances student involvement and confidence as well as enabling them to progress at their own pace and in their own way(s).

2. Recall

Students become more familiar with the language by drawing from recently learned items or structures and/or recent learning experiences.


Four elements that play an important role in lesson planning:  Repetition, Variety, Combination and Integration

4. Building

Different considerations on how to build onto students’ ongoing skills and language to gain a better understanding and proficiency.

5. Lesson Planning 101

Some tips and considerations when approaching lesson planning, especially directed to both teachers just starting out and those with a few years of experience and want to tighten up their planning.

6. Conversation (In) Class

A number of teaching ideas and activities are presented for conversation classes as well as normal courses which involve speaking activities.  Many practical tips and coniderations are offered to help make the students’ speaking in class fun and beneficial.

7. Lesson Planning (102) with the PPP Model

This is a detailed look at how one model of lesson planning works.  The PPP Model has been around for a while and this version has a fairly modern interpretation, although the basic structure is basically the same.  In the article you can find explanations of how to plan your classes with this model, see a class being taught using this approach (the class is broken up into successive video segments with accompanying descriptions), and have access to some guidelines (including tips and some examples of activities you can use) when making your own lesson plans.