WHAT is it & WHERE is it?

All photographs by
Max Neil Maximchuk

This is a game, really.  Nothing too demanding but it could be some fun as you look at the pictures and try to determine what the theme (the object or the situation) might be.  There will be clues (photos) on the left referring to one city and more on the right referring to the other city.  The second challenge is to see how soon you can guess if City 1 is Flin Flon or if it’s Barcelona.

You probably have heard of Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia located on the east coast of Spain, facing the  Mediterranean Sea.  Fewer know about Flin Flon, a northern Manitoban mining community in Canada.  It’s much smaller than Barcelona but not without its appeal.  Part of the intention of all this is to have a glimpse at the two cultures, to see what they share and how they might approach things differently.  Of course climate, resources and history are major influences, but both are strongly affected by advances in technology and current trends.  No culture is unchanging in this regard and what may have been considered familiar and normal ten years ago could be quite different nowadays.  The photos will have a look at some of those elements.

Are you ready to guess what the photos are about and which cities they are referring to?  Then choose one of the Sets of pictures below and try your luck.

Set 1 Barcelona or Flin Flon?

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Set 2 Barcelona or Flin Flon?

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Set 3 Barcelona or Flin Flon?

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Set 4 (available in March)

Barcelona or Flin Flon?