One-time off lesson plans, great for substitutions or simple ways to approach grammar & vocabulary

Most of the lesson plans on this website are designed with the idea that learning is a progressive experience.  The teacher would follow up and build on the theme of focus with his or her students over the span of the course, or at least over a part of it.  There are some situations where while continuity & development over the course is still held important, shorter, more discrete lesson plans are called for.

Some schools are set up to teach modules, mini-courses focused on students gaining some knowledge or mastery over a short period of time.  Another such situation is a substitution and a different teacher is called in at the last minute to temporarily cover a class.  And there is someone frantically trying to put together something which could be done in that class.  These one-page (or two) lesson plans can be very useful.  The plan is already clearly & simply laid out and any references &/or materials are provided.

This list is just beginning and if you have any requests or comments, please feel free to let me know in the Contact section.

NOTE:  To save a bit of space a few shorthand abbreviations have been used which may appear in the lesson plan.

WOB‘ refers to Write On the Board  (or the equivalent)
St‘ refers to a student and ‘Ss‘ refer to more than one.
Tr‘ refers to the teacher or at times, a student taking the active directing role in pair-work


Body (overview)

Students learn parts of head & body while practicing questions (What’s this/What are these? & Is this a…?)


Adverbs of Frequency (overview)

Students learn and practice 2 different kinds of adverbs of frequency.

Comparatives: adjectives (overview)

Students review comparative forms of adjectives, go over THAN vs AS structures and introduce quantifying adverbs into their speaking using comparatives.

Linkers (overview)

Different linkers are looked at (of sequence, consequence & contrast), a quick review of past simple and past continuous, and finally a story-making activity.

Personal Pronouns I ME MY MINE

Students go over I ME MY MINE as well as THIS THAT THESE THOSE and WHOSE


Making Suggestions

Different ways of making and responding to suggestions are introduced



Descriptive Vocabulary: Food

Students go through worksheet on vocabulary related to the 5 senses, practice it, then apply it to real food.


Phrasal Verbs - - An Introduction to Types

Students look at the 3 classic types of phrasal verbs and how they work, learn some new vocabulary and apply it all in their speaking.