Descriptive Vocabulary   Food

Students first learn some vocabulary related to the 5 senses and then apply it to describing food


  • To introduce different vocabulary used in making descriptions relating to the 5 senses
  • To have students use the vocabulary and structures when describing food


Intermediate / Upper Intermediate


60 minutes

Descriptive Vocabulary:  Food – – lesson plan

Lesson plan where students learn vocabulary and use it when describing food

Descriptive Vocabulary:  Food – – worksheet

Handout for students going over useful structures and vocabulary for making descriptions of food

Descriptive Vocabulary:  Food – – answer key to worksheet

Answer key to worksheet on descriptive vocabulary for food


Students really enjoy this class and it’s not unusual to hear them ask at the end of the class if today is my birthday, wondering what the special occasion might be.  This is a shorter version of a more detailed exploration as presented in Lessons / Main Course / Smooth n Sticky, but is equally successful.  You have to make sure to get through the worksheet quickly enough to squeeze everything in an hour.  There’s sufficient time if you are on top of it.  If you feel you won’t have as much time as you’d like in the second part of the class, you can cut out the practice sections in the first part (where they quiz each other and try to describe imagined food).

You’ll have to not only bring the food to be explored, but bring paper towels (at least one for each student), a knife (I stick the point into a cork and wrap it in paper towels) for each group of 3 or 4 students, and a few pages of an old newspaper or more paper towels for the students to place the food or cut it.