What’s There in Dessert
DST 2 – Behind The Scenes

A quick introduction to what is available

There is a lot of info on this site and until one is familiar with finding and understanding what is available, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brief orientation to each theme.  In this ‘What’s There’, you can find

— what the theme (Behind The Scenes) is about
— a brief summary of what is to be done, generally speaking, in each lesson
— a listing of the handouts that can accompany the lesson plan

For more detailed explanations of what is being suggested, you can check out the lesson plans themselves.

DST 2     Behind The Scenes

Students watch and discuss videos which look at what is happening ‘behind the scenes’

There are 3 different lesson plans that are not progressive or dependent on one another.  They look at some aspects of services and products that the consumers or users may not be aware of.  In each lesson plan, students learn the vocabulary associated with the theme, answer questions while watching the video, and discuss issues based on the video.
DST2-1  Cellphone Radiation      is potentially more dangerous than one would think
DST2-2  Smartphone Privacy      deals with just how easy it is for unknown people to hack into your phone and personal information
DST2-3  Dirty Hotels                    looks at how clean popular hotel chains are

All 3 lesson plans (DST2-1, 2-2 & 2-3) have their respective HOs (handouts) and follow this order:
first — Pre-teach vocabulary and go over questions to answer during the video (You may want to only go over the first question and later each of the following questions after finishing the previous one.)
then — Students watch YouTube video in segments, to listen for info and to answer questions.
lastly — Students discuss the issues that are brought up in the video.
Cellphone Radiation class (DST 2-1)
Dirty Hotels class (DST 2-3)
These follow the above procedure.
Smartphone Privacy class (DST 2-2)
This follows the above procedure as well but the video is split into 3 different sections, each with their own handout.  They are all to be done in the same class and each handout follows the above procedure.

And that’s basically it.  If there is a particular lesson plan you wish to look at more closely you can select it in the Lessons page directly below the theme title by clicking ‘Visit’.