What’s There in Dessert

DST 1 – Undesirable Situations

A quick introduction to what is available

There is a lot of info on this site and until one is familiar with finding and understanding what is available, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brief orientation to each theme.  In this ‘What’s There’, you can find

— what the theme (Undesirable Situations) is about
— a brief summary of what is to be done, generally speaking, in each lesson
— a listing of the handouts that can accompany the lesson plan

For more detailed explanations of what is being suggested, you can check out the lesson plans themselves.

DST 1     Undesirable Situations

Students watch and discuss videos about undesirable situations

There are 3 different lesson plans that are not progressive or dependent from one to the next.  Two are about homeless individuals and the third is about people taking a break from their concerns with having terminal cancer.  In each lesson plan, students learn the vocabulary associated with the theme, answer questions while watching the video, and discuss issues based on the video.
DST1-1   Homeless:  Jesus     gets a makeover before returning to the streets
DST1-2   Homeless:  Ron       speaks about his routines and the importance of dignity
DST1-3   Cancer Carefree      volunteers (cancer patients) get an unusual makeover


Basic class plan for any of the 3 lessons   (DST 1-1, DST 1-2 or DST 1-3)

HO    Pre-teach vocab & go over questions to answer during the video
HO    Students watch YouTube video in segments, to listen for info and to answer questions
HO    Students discuss the issues that are brought up in the video

And that’s basically it.  If there is a particular lesson plan you wish to look at more closely you can select it in the Lessons page directly below the theme title by clicking ‘Visit’.