What’s There in Appetizers
APP 1 – The Alphabet

A quick introduction to what is available

There is a lot of info on this site and until one is familiar with finding and understanding what is available, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brief orientation to each theme.  In this ‘What’s There’, you can find

— what the theme (The Alphabet) is about
— a brief summary of what is to be done, generally speaking, in each lesson
— a listing of the handouts that can accompany the lesson plan

For more detailed explanations of what is being suggested, you can check out the lesson plans themselves.

APP 1     The Alphabet

Students learn the letters of the alphabet and their pronunciation

Two progressive lesson plans to help low level students learn the alphabet.
APP1-1   Introduce the pronunciation and help students remember the letters.
APP1-2   Reinforce the same objectives and provide further practice.   Hangman and other ideas are suggested.


First class   (APP 1-1)

HO1 Students sing a song following the teacher’s lead
HO2 Students group letters according to similar sounds they share
HO1 Students quiz each other
HO1 Students sing song again
Second class   (APP 1-2)
It is run basically the same as the first class with the addition of hangman and other suggestions for further practice activities

And that’s basically it.  If there is a particular lesson plan (APP 1-1 or APP 1-2) you wish to look at more closely you can select it in the Lessons page directly below the theme title by clicking ‘Visit’.