What’s There in Main Course          MC 3 – Phrasal Verbs

A quick introduction to what is available

There is a lot of info on this site and until one is familiar with finding and understanding what is available, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brief orientation to each theme.  In this ‘What’s There’, you can find

— what the theme (Phrasal Verbs) is about
— a brief summary of what is to be done, generally speaking, in each lesson
— a listing of the handouts that can accompany the lesson plan

For more detailed explanations of what is being suggested, you can check out the lesson plans themselves.

MC 3     Phrasal Verbs

A look at what phrasal verbs are and some activities to practice using them                                   

Besides viewing phrasal verbs as simply more vocabulary to learn, students become a little familiar with the grammatical side of them.  With the guidance of the teacher they investigate what phrasal verbs are composed of and how to use them correctly.
MC 3-1    3 Types    Students learn about the 3 different kinds and how they are used differently
MC 3-2    Adverbs vs Prepositions    Both can be in phrasal verbs but they affect how the verbs are used in different ways.  Meanings of some particles are also explored.
MC 3-3    Consolidation    Students review information from past two classes, learn new phrasal verbs and use them in speaking activities

First class (MC 3-1)
HO1  Students work through worksheet with teacher to get a clear intro to what phrasal verbs are
HO2  If students are at low level, they are given this for homework
HO3  If students are at an intermediate or higher level, they get this for homework

Second class (MC 3-2)
HO1  Review of concepts
HO2  Go over homework if this was assigned
HO3  Go over homework if this was assigned
HO4  Students explore how the particles affect phrasal verbs differently
HO5  Students look at different meanings and apply them to examples in sentences
HO6  Students classify some phrasal verbs into different types and use some in speaking

Third class (MC 3-3)
HO5  Go over homework
HO6  Students do speaking activity
HO7  Go over the new phrasal verbs and students select some to use in speaking

And that’s basically it.  If there is a particular lesson plan you wish to look at more closely you can select it in the Lessons page directly below the theme title by clicking ‘Visit’.

There are always more phrasal verbs popping up.   In future classes, occasionally quiz the students on the new ones (what type or how to use them, for ex) and encourage them to use some in their speaking and writing.  If there are any lesson plans you would like to look at in more detail or to download/copy the handouts or answer keys, you can click on ‘visit’ here or go to Lessons / Main Course and click on ‘visit’ there.  I would like to hear how any of the materials or ideas worked out so please go to CONTACT and let me know.