Body Vocabulary

Students learn vocabulary of the head & rest of the body while practicing making questions (What’s this? / Is this a …?)


  • To teach vocabulary of the body to the students
  • To have students practice singular & plural forms (demonstrative pronouns: this & these,
    tooth vs teeth)
  • To encourage confidence & fluency of simple questions (WH Qs:  What’s this?  &  YES/NO Qs:  Is this…?


Elementary / Pre-Intermediate


40 minutes

Body Vocabulary & What’s This?

Lesson plan where students learn vocabulary and quiz each other using WH & YES/NO questions

It’s basically a fun and fast-moving activity.  Although there is lots of repetition, the students don’t feel it so repetitive because of the different turns the plan takes (WH questions, then YES/NO questions and finally a quick visit to the doctor’s).  If you have the same group in a future class, you could have them quiz each other in a similar way to reinforce what they have learned.  For the stronger students who have already remembered everything well you could give them a few new items of vocabulary like armpit, forehead, index finger or knuckle and be a little more demanding in their pronunciation and fluency.