Students learn and put to use linkers of sequence, consequence & contrast


  • To introduce low level students to different kinds of linkers:  sequence, consequence & contrast
  • To have the students improve their working knowledge of these linkers by using them in controlled activities
  • To strengthen their understanding of the use of past simple & past continuous to be better able to use them later in telling a story
  • To encourage the use of these linkers in a freer activity in which they create a story using LEGO (optional)


Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate


40 minutes

Linkers of Sequence, Consequence & Contrast

Lesson plan where students practice using linkers in written and spoken tasks


An activity can often be more fun when you have something in your hands that you can move or manipulate.  The LEGO pieces come in handy as they simulate the characters in the first story and are later used in stories of the students’ own collective making.  The two different verb tenses are encouraged in the story-telling, but are not the major focus, so don’t overcorrect the students too much.  You can helpfully point out a few things along the way or after the story is done.  The use of the linkers should be a slightly higher priority and encourage the students to ask you when they have doubts.  Often the concepts are clear in simple written exercises, but many questions arise when the structures are attempted to fit into a conversation or other speaking activity.

My recommendation is to simply let the students have fun with the structures and the tasks.  Guide and help them but don’t be overly strict.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and participating in these tasks will help them in their progress.  Mastery and spontaneous correct usage is something that takes time.