Adverbs of Frequency

Students become familiar with two different groups of adverbs of frequency


  • To introduce two different kinds of adverbs of frequency
  • To increase the students’ ability at using a variety of adverbs of frequency appropriately while speaking
  • To have students talk about their routines while using these adverbs


Elementary / Pre-Intermediate


40 minutes

Adverbs of Frequency

Lesson plan where students learn and practice two different kinds of adverbs of frequency


The adverbs are not too difficult but students at this level will need a little practice to become more familiar with them and to use them in the correct location in the sentence.  The various vocabulary for the routines or actions are suggestions.  If you feel the class is a very serious and conservative one then you may want to use vocabulary along the same lines.  If the students are generally okay and like to play around a bit, you can add the occasional item like, “How often do you kiss somebody?”  Again, use your own judgement and best to be more conservative when in doubt.

If you have the same group in a future class you could add different vocabulary or have them come up with their own questions and routines to ask about the frequency.  At this level, generally speaking, it might be hard for them to imagine routines to ask about, at least without a number of examples to refer to, and this would make the task more demanding than necessary or desired.  You could also make a point to have new people take the hot seat, especially if your class has many students.